EEG KISS print

Performance & Installation
2-12-2016 / 4-12-2016
Engaged Art Fair de Balie Amsterdam Galery Studio Matusiak, Engaged Art Fair/Art of Impakt

Engaged Art Fair at De Balie is organized by STAFFROOM With work by o.a. Lancel en Maat / Tinkebell / Merlijn Twaalfhoven / CATPC (Cercle d’Art des Travailleurs de Plantation Congolaise) in samenwerking met Renzo Martens / Sjaak Langenberg en Rose de Beer / Urok Shirhan / Gluklya / Bik van der Pol / Debra Solomon / The Beach / Daniela Paes Leao / Heleen Klopper / Martijn Engelbregt / Teresa Borasino / Sara Vrugt / Thought Collider / Matthijs de Bruijne / Jaromil

Designed with Paulina Matusiak Studio Matusiak

In E.E.G. KISS the artists investigate how a kiss can be translated into bio-feedback data. They deconstruct the kiss, to reconstruct a new, digital synesthetic kissing ritual for a Global Kiss-In, in which all participants - both kissers and spectators - feel, see, hear, touch and experience a communal kiss. The artists: "In a poetic, electric environment for kissing and measuring, for synchronizing and merging, we research a shared neuro-feedback system for networked kissing."
A tangible result is the E.E.G.KISS Print.

Ask Staffroom for possibilities to obtain it.