EEG KISS portrait

Performance & Installation
2-12-2016 / 4-12-2016
Studio Lancel/Maat
Studio Matusiak; Engaged Art Fair Amsterdam/, Art of Impakt, ICT Fourtress Eindhoven (OSC to vector based information for data-visualisation), Helder Zeefdruk Amsterdam

E.E.G. KISS Portrait

An 'E.E.G. KISS Portrait' is a printed data-visualization of an intimate kiss. These data emerge from two people kissing while wearing a brain computer interface headset that measures their brain activities. Their digital data are visualized and saved in a public database. Each print is a unique data selection based on an algorithm.
In these portraits, data from both people kissing stream and dance around each other, as what the artists call 'Dancing Data', in patterns and rhythms. The portraits have often been described as being fueled with shared, intimate embodied experiences and memories.

Concept and creation.
The portraits are created in a social technological process between artists, public and two people kissing, in which public and private, physical and digital realities converge. As a consequence, the portraits evoke reflection on concepts of artistic authorship; uniqueness and co-creation; social artificial intelligent kissing; scientifically classified data versus intimate interpretation of data.
More information about the process of creation can be found on E.E.G. KISS.

Vector based DBond print, seize 1x1 meters (seize adaptable).
Colours: silver and gold on black.
E.E.G. data-visualization-still (comparable to a video-still) of brain activity while kissing. Data sequences of two people kissing ‘dance together’ in silver and gold. On each portrait, location, date and kissers names are added, staging the performative moment of kissing in space, relation, time.

Obtainable at Studio Lancel/Maat.
Presented at:
Basel, Haus der elektronischen Künste (HeK) 2018.
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2017.
Engaged Art Fair Amsterdam 2016. De Balie & Mondriaanfund.

Purchased by private collections.