Performance & Installation
Amsterdam - Banff Canada - Dunedin NZ - Shanghai - Rotterdam - Helsinki - Utrecht - Groningen - Enschede - Istanbul - Den Haag - Frankfurt - Berlin
SUPPORTED BY: Mondriaan Fund; Lumineus Amersfoort; AFK Amsterdam; V2_Lab for unstable media; Banff Center Canada, Consulate of Istanbul. CO-PRODUCED BY: V2_Lab for unstable media Rotterdam, AZIZ Amsterdam, Mart van Bree, Erwin Slegers, Technical University of Delft, Banff Center BNMI Canada.

TRUST_TRUST invites audience to wear full body covering DataVeils,
for collective dialogue and reflection, on the questions:
How do we trust each other online? Do you need to see my eyes?
Or do we need to touch? How do we trust as networking bodies?

TELE_TRUST creates an engaging agora to research new parameters for online trust. In our changing social eco-system, we are faced with a paradox: while we increasingly demand transparency, we cover our bodies with personal communication-technology. What digitally mediated sensory information do we trust? In a poetic way, TELE_TRUST researches emotional and social tension in our contemporary hybrid cities, between visibility, embodied presence, privacy and trust.

Performance-installations take place on dynamic city public spaces such as city square, museums, theatres, festival, universities. Each performance-installation exists of a social-technological orchestration, including mobile phones, screen, database and six full body covering, waerable 'DataVeils'. These DataVeils are a tangible body interfaces, functioning as a second skin and as a membrane for scanning online trust. In the performance, individual audience members are invited to wear the DataVeils. Through flexible touch sensors woven into it's smart fabric, the wearer's body is transformed into an intuitive, tangible interface. Through caressing the sensors on their veiled bodies, veil wearers connect with smartphones of the public around, outside the veil.
Dialogue between a DataVeil and a smartphone At the moment people around caress their smart phone screens, they ‘unveil’ the face of the DataVeil-wearer online (via a database and a website). Together they connect about emotions and statements of trust, about the questions: Do I need to see your eyes to trust you? Am I here with you? Who is watching who? Who is controlling who? In what identity and in whose body?
Database In an ongoing process, user generated content is added to the Tele_Trust database; collecting knowledge about ‘privacy’ and ‘trust’ in various social-geographical cultures. Stories from different cities weave together into an exchanging narrative.

Everyone can wear a DataVeil. Tele_Trust creates a a disruptive social system for a reflective, networked social encounter. They meet in an orchestrated, new embodied synthesis, for a and an intimate, embodied networking experience.
Read here about Participant's portraits & reactions

Performances take place in time slots, in Tel-Trust exhibitions of reflexive data environment (generative database and documentation).

• TransMediale Berlin Performance Lecture 2016. Curator Eric Kluitenberg
• Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2011. 'Augment IT!'
Curators: Margriet Schavemakers, Hendrik Folkerts
• ISEA Istanbul 2011 & Istanbul Bienale Curator: Lanfranco Aceti
• Banff Center - New Media Institute, Canada 2010, 'Liminal Screens'.
Curator: Nina Czegledy, Marcus Neustetter, Michelle Kasprzak
• Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Fellow-Me The Sensitive Museum 2017.
Kunstverein, Frankfurt. Curator Marie Haff
• V2_Lab for UnstableMedia Rotterdam 'Intimacy', 2009.
Curator: MIchel van Dartel
• Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam 2010: 'Hear IT! Curator: Hein Wils
• Het Nutshuis Den Haag 2017. Curator Mirjam Zweers.
• Technical University Delft, Participatory Systems Initiative, 2012.
Curators: dr. Caroline Nevejan, prof, Frances Brazier
• Arti et Amicitea Amsterdam, 2nd Prize Museumnacht, 2013.
Curators: Arjen Lancel, Frans Fransiscus
• Kasa Gallery/Sabanci University Istanbul 2011. Curator: Lanfranco Aceti
• Festival a/d Werf Utrecht & PSI, 2011. Curator: Rainer Hoffmann
• Waag Society Amsterdam 2009. Curator: Lucas Evers
• Gogbot Enschede 2012. 'Singularity is near!'
Curators: Kees de Groot, Viola van Alphen
• 'Lumineus Amersfoort' 2009. Curators: Patricia Deiters, Annelou Evelein
• Tschumi-Pavillion Groningen 2009. Curator: Marinus de Vries
• Exposorium Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 2009. Curator: Hendriekje Bosma
• De Balie Amsterdam, Banff Center Canada, ADA-network New Zealand 2010,
'Electrosmog'. Curator: Erik Kluitenberg

Conferences & Video-presentations
• Shanghai World-Expo DCC 2010 Mobile City & Virtueel Platform
Curators: Martijn de Waal & Michiel de Lange
• TEDx Istanbul
• Sonic-Acts Xlll Amsterdam, On the Poetics of Hybrid Space
• ARS Electronica 2010, Leonardo@ARS-ELECTRONICA Linz
• PSI and University of Utrecht Camillo 2.0
• IASPIS Stockholm
• Netherlands Institute for Media Art NIMK The Bodily Turn , with University of Amsterdam UVA (interface studies group)
• University Sabanci Istanbul
• Vrede of Utrecht Utrecht Interactive
• ARTEZ Studium Generale
• Banff New Media Institute, Canada
• Sensuous Knowledge Conference, Bergen, Norway
• MFA Film & Television Academy Amsterdam