At the bottom of his page you will find currently available PDF's of publications.


-BeallCentre for the Arts Catalogue 'Embodied Encounters' upcumming this spring. - UCI Magazine Technology Is Part of Life – and Art By Shari Roan

- Catalogue 'Digital Synesthesia, A Model for the Aesthetics of Digital Art’. Published by De Gruyter Publishers 2016. Essays on 'E.E.G. KISS' by Geert Lovink: When I kiss you, I can taste your soul, 2016; Catalogue Edited by Katharina Gsöllpointner, Ruth Schnell, Romana Schuler. With works of amoung others: Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Tamiko Thiel/Christoph Reiserer, Kondition Pluriel Martin Kush/Marie Claude Poulin, Lancel/Maat.
- Catalogue 'What Urban Media can do' by Public Art Lab Berlin. Published by Avedition 2016. Essay Saving Face by Artists Lancel/Maat. Essays including Saving Face by Susa Pop and Dr. Nanna Verhoeff. The catalogue, about EU funded project 'Connecting Cities Network', showcases around 50 urban media art projects and highlights urban media environments worldwide including theoretical articles of Claire Bishop, Maurice Benayoun, Eric Kluitenberg, Mark Shepard, Nanna Verhoeff and Peter Weibel among others. Edited by Susa Pop, Tanya Toft, Nerea Calvillo, Mark Wright.
- Art Journal: BALTAN Quarterly, essay by Flora Lysen
'The Neurofutures of Love; Reflections on E.E.G. KISS, an art-science experiment at Baltan Laboratories', page 4-5

- EIKON, Heft 2/2015, Internationale Zeitschrift für Photographie und Medienkunst (Deutsch/English) DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA
- NRC Handelsblad, door Bianca Stigter
- Austrian/German TV program 3SAT, Documentary on SYNESTHESIA, director Gerald Teufel
- Webmagazine 'Stadsleven' (De Balie Amsterdam), door Tracy Metz: De Digitale Ander
- Makery / Media for Labs, 'Big Data du Bisou' par Laurent Catala
- The Creators Project Ik scande mijn gezicht door het te strelen door Eva Oosterveld
- Parool De digitale Ander, door Tracy Metz, 19 mei 2015
- Austrian Daily: Der Standard 'Synästhesie und Technik: Sinnlichkeit in Zeiten von Big Data', by Roman Gerold
- Catalogue 'Contemporary Code' - Exhibition Galery Hongkong University, on Artistic Research at University of Applied Arts Vienna, ISBN 978-3-9504140-1-1
- Vienna Online '“Digital Synesthesia”: Interaktive Schau in Wien zeigt Koppelung der Sinne'
- Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften Magazine
- TUBANTIA, Twentsche Courant
- DELTA Magazine University for Technology Delft door Saskia Bongers 'Van E.E.G-kus tot online aanraken'

- (48) Magazine for Critical digital culture and media arts, E.E.G. Kiss, quantifying the unquantifiable, by Allesandro Ludovico
- NRC Handelsblad 5-9-2014, Zangcocktails en het lezen van gedachten, door Bianca Stigter
- Catalogue ISEA 2014 Dubai
- DELTA Magazine TU Delft, Van E.E.G-kus tot online aanraken, door Saskia Bongers
-NECSUS European Jourrnal of Media Studies The navigational gesture: Traces and tracings at the mobile touchscreen interface Case study: Saving Face, artist project by Lancel & Maat. By Nanna Verhoeff (Associate professor Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University) & Heidi Rae Cooley.
- Team Shared Senses: Feeling each other on a distance
 / Elkaar voelen op afstand
- Creative Arte tv Comment intégrer le toucher dans la sphère numérique?
- Creative Arte Magazine, Auf digitaler Tuchfühlung: Ein Kunstprojekt über neue Formen der technischen Kommunikation
- Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau Saving Face at Bauhaus Dessau
- Bettery Magazine Connecting Cities, Redefining urban imagery through artistic and social content
- Lijn 5 Beeld ontworpen met jongeren Lijn5 onthuld op rotonde
- Delta Magazine van de Technische Universiteit Delft: Vertrouwen ontwerpen interview met Frances Brazier, Technische Universiteit Delft
- Participatory Systems Initiative Tele_trust for networking bodies

- China ZHUANGSHI journal for Art and Design, released by Beijing Newspaper / Periodical Publishing Bureau (Domestic) / China International Book Trading Corporation (international) / Published on behalf of Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) Saving Face, TASIE 2012
- Highlike Book by FILE-Electronic Language International Festival & SESI publishing house

- Artist as a host for artistic research group (lectoraat) ‘Image in context‘ (Dr. Anke Coumans) Minerva art academy Groningen. Including essay 'Hosting the Hybrid City' by Lancel&Maat.
- Catalogue Amber Conference Istanbul
- Essay Urban Social Spaces for University of Amsterdam and Mediamatic Amsterdam, author: Katia Truijen

- Book ‘Mobile Screens. The Visual Regime of Navigation’, by Nana Verhoeff, publisher Amsterdam University Press
- Catalogue 400 years Holland-Turkey diplomatic relations, by Dutch Consulate Istanbul
- Open House research publication IASPIS Stockholm
- Catalogue ‘Techno-Ecologies, Other Approaches to Cultural, Social and Ecological Sustainability‘
by RIXC The Centre for New Media Culture Riga, Latvia
In collaboration with Eric Kluitenberg
- Catalogue 3rd Art & Science International Exhibition, Symposium TASIE Beijing, China
- Book ‘Witnessing You, artistic research into being and bearing witness’,
by Caroline Nevejan published by Participatory Systems Initiative, Technical University Delft
- Magazine 40, essay on ISEA and Tele_Trust
by Allessandro Ludovico
- Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
- DOTS Magazine for iPads #3, by Shevia Limmen ‘Touching the Face as social Interface’.

- Catalogue ISEA Istanbul 2011 / Leonardo Electronic Almanac, 'New parameters for a (online) networked practice based PhD. A case study: 'Tele_Trust for networking bodies'
- Catalogue PSi 'Camillo 2.0' by University of Utrecht &
Festival a/d Werf Utrecht
- NRC 3-6-2011, article by Tracy Metz ‘Een gezicht samengesteld uit honderden gezichten‘
- RTRSRSCH Journal, AHK Amsterdam, Monography 'Tele_Trust' with contributions by the artists, Geert Lovink, Marijke Hoogenboom,
Eric Kluitenberg, Caroline Nevejan
- ISEA Istanbul 2011 conference paper 'Tele_Trust on networking bodies'
- .dip journal, essay by Katharina Galla, 'cops: Considering Liberty'
- Online Magazine In Media Res, essay by Elizabeth Strickler,
'Threat of insecurity & isolation in Public Spaces'

- TMC @ Shanghai World Expo 2010,
- Catalogue 'The round of... an experiment On Art and public roundabouts' by Rotondelab Provincie Utrecht;
essay: 'The digital hitchhiker'
- Magazine 'Wer ist eigentlich Joseph Beuys?'
by Stiftung Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen
- Sonic Acts XIII: 'Poetics of hybrid space', by The Mobile City /
Martijn de Waal and Michiel de Lange
- Catalogue Festival Gogbot, 'Singularity is near'
-, by Jo-Anne Green
- Interview with artist, Utrecht Interactive expert meeting:,
- De Balie Amsterdam, by Gerbrand Oudenaarden and
Nannette Danckaarts,,

- Book Institute for Network Cultures Amsterdam:
‘Urban Screens Reader’, essay on 'StalkShow' by the artists
- Interview V2_Institute Rotterdam by Arie Altena,
'Aanraken en Vertrouwen'
- Book 'Someones Garden', Bi Monthly Free Artbook on AIR, Japan
- Dagblad van het Noorden 16 okt 2009, by Marijke Brouwer
- Algemeen dagblad-Amersfoortse Courant 11-11-2009,
by Jeroen de Valk
- Catalogue Lumineus Amersfoort, 'Tele_Trust'

- Magazine Stedebouw & RuimtelijkeOrdening S&RO
by Denise Vrolijk en Henk van Houtum, magazine Stedebouw & Ruimtelijke Ordening, uitgave van Nirov, (ruimtelijke ontwikkeling van stad, land, regio)
- Publication Nimk Nederlands Instituut voor Media Kunst,
‘Phantom Territory’
- Publication Urban Screens 08, Federation Square Melbourne, 'StalkShow'

- Catalogus Art center Nabi, Seoul: ‘People, Art & Technology’ (P.Art.Y)
- Magazine ‘Beelden’ recensie over schetsopdracht presentatie Zapscape
- Shanghai Daily May 10 2007 by kate Chapman
- Publicatie + dvd Panorama ZuidVleugel door AtelierZuidvleugel
- Film:
- Catalogus Gorcums Museum, ‘Leven uit een koffer‘
- Exhibition file Watermans London, curator Ilse Black:

- ‘Amsterdam Index’ for Creative Industry Diana Krabbendam /
Marinus Boezem
- DVD catalogue of OUTVIDEO ’06 Moscow & Yekatarinnenburg
- Volkskrant 28 sept. Sacha Bronwasser
- Catalogue IFVA / Videotage / Hong Kong Arts Center
- Apple Daily, Hong Kong
- ARTECONTEXTO Spain, by Vicente Carron
- Radio 1 interview Inviting Horror door Jonneke van Wierst
- Catalogus Art & Science exhibition Beijing China
- Ons Erfdeel nr 5 , by Petri Leijdekkers

- Catalogue China Millennium Art Museum, Beijing (China)
curator Alex Adriaansens
- De Appel Jubilee Catalogue: 1984-2005: ‘Als muren oren hadden’
- ETC Montréal, Canada, nr 69 2005, page77, by Joan Lalonde
- ‘ISEA 2004: Faire L’histoire dans l’evenementiel’
- Interactionfield – Public Space, by Mirjam Struppek
- 'No Ego' by Josephine Bosma
- Online Biennale Rotterdam,
- Catalogus Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen (Germany)
- Netzwissenschaft,
- Bubbel Platformgras/NP3 Groningen door Olaf van der Wal/Ruud Akse

- Booklet ZKM-publishers bij tentoonstelling Meisterwerke aus der collection
- Catalogue ISEA04 and Kiasma Museum, Finland
- Catalogue Bienale Villette Numérique 2004, POWER
- Teleac online radio-interview,
- V2-instituut archief,
- Catalogus Vrije Ruimten, Zuid As Amsterdam
- Res Magazine, New York (USA), interview by David Alm

- Catalogus Parasite/Paradise, SKOR en NAI editors Rotterdam
- Metropolis M nr 4 2003, review: ‘Parasite Paradise’
- Catalogue Stad.Als.Film, Schiedam
- World Radio, interview StalkShow / e - culture fair.